Buddies Before Bullies

Sparking the conversation about bullying
spreading awareness of bullyings effect on our community & children.
Be someone's buddy not their bully.

Welcome to BuddiesBeforeBullies.org, we are a non- profit orginization with the goal to open the conversation about bullying in our commiunites. Bullying is a problem all over the world. Buddies Before Bullies hopes to raise awareness of the effects it has not only on our comminites but our children.

Buddies Before Bullies was created by Paul Thompson after loss of his 11 year old daughter, Bethany Thompson, who ended her torment of bullying by ending her life. With the support of family and many local community advocates Bethany's memory is being kept alive and her story is being told. 

Our goal is not only to raise awareness about bullying. The Buddies Before Bullies site is working to build a place for parents, teachers, children and other advocates to go for resources, education and conversation.

Follow our events to see where Buddies Before Bullies will be speaking, awareness events, national meetings and local gatherings to raise awareness and starting the conversation.

Bethany's full biography will be posted soon to learn about the life of the beautiful girl that has inspired us and drives Buddies Before Bullies.

Follow our in the news section for updated media reports, news paper articles and more as Buddies Before Bullies pushes forward to make a difference. 

Getting Started

Buddies Before Bullies Event Listings

December 17th 2017 - Bethany Thompson's Awareness & Birthday Memorial Event

Our next event will be held Saturday December 17th 2016 at the United Methodist Church in North Lewisburg, Ohio. Events will start at 3:30pm at th...